We used new and high quality materials only. 
Large range of cardboard boxes, very strong with our printed logo:

C: small box (books, magazines, CDs, DVDs) / 46x34x29 cm (18.1x13.4x11.4 in)
M: Medium box (documents, glasses, kitchenware) / 68x46x29 cm (26.8x18.1x11.4 in) 
ME: Medium-Standard box (kitchenware, shoes, decorative items) / 68x46x43.5 cm (28.6x18.1x17.1 in)
E: Standard (Clothes, decorative items, linen, toys) / 68x46x58 cm (28.6x18.1x22.8 in)
EG: Standard-Large (Large items, toys) / 68x46x87 cm (28.6x18.1x34.3 in)
G: Large (Toys, large items) / 68x46x116 cm (28.6x18.1x47.7 in)
R: Wardrobe box (directly from closet to moving box) / 68x57x116 cm 28.6x22.4x47.7 in)

China, delicate glasses and every fragile items are carefully packed and protected.
We used brand new white soft paper, bubble wrap and foam cushioning material.
Furniture are protected with kraft paper and very resistant cardboard.
Fragile parts of the furniture received a special attention and protection..
Delicate items always receive the most attention. Packing technique is adapted to the object to protect.
Mirrors, glass table tops, marbles and dedicated paintings are carefully and individually packed before to be placed inside plywood master boxes (custom-made in our warehouse).
Hangind clothes are moved directly from you closet to our special wardrobe boxes.
Ready to be back at the same place at destination as if nothing has happened...

We will provide new cardboard boxes, white smooth paper, bubble wrap and adhesive tape 
if you wish to pack yourself  some very personnal effects or items.