Documents for export and import

- Each country has its own regulation  and we will be pleased to provide you the most accurate information regarding your specific situation.


Transit time

It of course depends of your final destination. We will give your a fair estimate of transit time along with our quotation.

Between Mexican ports (Veracruz or Alttamira) and Northen l'Europe, count between 5 and 6 weeks between the conrtainer loading and the delivery to your new residence.
Add one or two weeks for sSuthern Europe (Fos, Italy or Spain)..

For moth America and Canada destination, transit time is between 2 and 3 weeks.

By plane (air shipment) expect 10 days door to door in order to avoid any surprise..



The container will be loaded at your domicile unless access is made difficult to a trailer. In the latest, your belongings will be tranferred to our warehouse in Mexico City where the container will be loaded.
Inland haulage of the container by truck to the port where customs clearance will take place.
At destination the household goods will go again through customs clearnce before to be delivered to your new residence (if normall access permitting).



For export shipment, it allows more flexibility according to the date you really wish to receive your shipment.

For import, it gives you more time to find the perfect house or appartement you have dreamed off.


Information you should provide

Do not forget to mention 'any difficulties that may require special attention:
- Pianos.
- Heavy safe.
- Hight value pictures.
- Large volume furniture if they could no be dissasambled.

Access to residence:
- We do need to know if the acces to your new residence is possible for a container and/or a truck. If not additional cost may occur for external lift, shuttle, handling.


Guidance provided for information purposes (non-contractual information).


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