Customs clearance in Mexico


Customs duties

Household goods and personnal effects: duty free if the required documentation is supplied.

New items: Taxes and VAT will apply if less than 6 months old.

Customer presence is not required by customs (except for firearms clearance).

Customs may require you prove that personnel belongings reported on the inventoty list are more than 6 months old.

Strictly prohibited items

- All kind of food (fresh, canned, dryed, and so on...)
-- No baby powder milk, coffee, tea, chocolate and the list is pretty large...
- No medicine even very common ones.
- No food supplements.
- No alcooholic beverages as wine, licors, etc...
- Inflamable products incluidng maches or lighters.
- No spray (shaving foam, insecticide)
- Firearms or cutting weapons as swords.
- Drugs.
- Ivoiry, skins of species in danger of extinction (see Washington convention).
- Counterfeit items.


Guidance provided for information purposes (non-contractual information).

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